Little Plants BIG Benefits

Humans have learned to harness the power of microgreens in the last 40 years.

The Options Are Endless

The Options Are Endless

Microgreens are greens that are packed full of intense flavors and contain 4-40 MORE nutrients than other vegetables.

They are versatile when it comes to cooking and eating. Put them in sandwiches, top off pasta, or blend them into a smoothie.

The Good Stuff


Don’t let the mild flavors underplay micro broccoli’s nutritional values. Micro broccoli contains a potent cancer-fighting and antibacterial compound called sulforaphane.

Salad mix

Our salad mix contains a beautiful array of flavors and esthetics. The mix consists of kale, cabbage, & beet micros.

Spicy Salad Mix

Add this variety to any dish for a zesty mix of radish, mustard, & kale micros.

Raw Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass in known for its sweet, earthy flavor and its significant health benefits. Wheatgrass contains around 70% pure chlorophyll which is a great antibacterial agent and helps in detoxifying the liver! 2 oz of this green delicious juice is equivalent to 2 pounds of produce in nutrients!!

The Good Stuff

Our Mission

At Lil’ Sprouts Microgreens we like to classify our-self by these terms: Sustainable, Innovation, environmental-friendly, and open-minded. We understand that as humans we are what we eat and with this in mind center our mission on providing only the freshest and nutrient dense greens that we canToo many individuals aren’t getting the proper nutrients into their bodies on a daily basis and for this reason we want to make it not only convenient, but also make eating greens tasty as well. Along with poor nutrition, many individuals are not familiar with where their foods actually are coming from. We take pride in educating the local area about the benefits of eating locally sourced foods and allowing them to understand that in turn results in a healthier and happier society. Small, urban, and community supported farms are the way of the future.

Freshly Delivered

Freshly Delivered

Our monthly subscription model provides a convenient and consistent source of microgreens delivered to your door every Thursday for 4 weeks.

Basic for $60 (5 oz) 

Standard for $80 (10 oz)

Premium for $140 (10 oz & 

12 oz wheatgrass juice)


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